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Samehada is a large sword, roughly as tall as a full-grown man and comparable in size to the Kubikiribōchō. Though usually wrapped in bandages, Samehada's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward-facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull Does Suigetsu Hozuki get kisames sword? No. Not yet, anyway. Suigetsu gets Zabuza's sword, while Killer Bee gets Kisame's sword. Is the white sword the same thing as the master sword? No coolmaddness's Webcam Video from February 19, 2012 06:38 PM X_X, alright Kisame Hoshigaki has the Samehada Sharkskin sword, it is made up of chakra infused shark skin scales, it absorbs charkra from the opponent on striking and shreds them No truthful answer to this question. I would say that no. Senjutsu needs full concentration and most of all, Chakra of It's own. Samehada eats chakra and absorbs it. Since Samehada is only one single form of sentience and not a full human, I would..

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  1. Fanpop quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if you can answer this Naruto trivia question
  2. fanpop quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if te can answer this Naruto trivia question
  3. NO. There is only one Samehada. Basically Samehada is a sword that has it's own aura. Samehada means Shark Skin and hence it's appearance. It has it's affinity towards a person based on the taste of their chakra. When Kisame and Killer B fought,..
  4. Apparently reading this week's manga (508), Samehada regardless of having an affinity for the 8 tails chakra was still Kisame's sword. As Killer Bee said, This poor guy's crying like a baby. He's dead this time and I don't mean maybe. Samehada loved Kisame to the end
  5. I built a great sword have a long metal rod run the entire length of the sword and be the handle. That way cant fall off. Make the blade out of cyrofoam. For the wrapping, use duct tape and spray paint it white. The duct tape will hold it really well. Then decorate^_^ #6: animafreak623 on 12 years ago [QUOTE=haku1219;2546008]I built a great sword
  6. Fanpop quiz: What is the name of Kisame's sword? - See if anda can answer this Akatsuki trivia question
  7. this year for the annual convention my city has (Fandemonium in Nampa) i decided to go as Konan from the Akatsuki on one day and then Kisame on the next. (yes im a girl) so anyway....does anyone know how to make Kisame's sword or a good website that shows how to make it

Kisame's signature weapon is called Samehada, a sentient, scale-covered sword, that shaves flesh instead of cutting it. Samehada is also capable of detecting and absorbing chakra, but requires Kisame's own chakra to perform the latter. When Samehada absorbs chakra, its scales grow and it slowly begins to unwrap itself all I see is Kisame is being overrated. Teen kisame or whatever you want to call him didn't owned the previous owner of Samehada , he just killed him behing his back with a sneack attack , they were on the same team and Fuguki was Kisame's teacher so he didn't have reasons to be on guard against is student .

Stick Nodes ®. A stickfigure animation app created for mobile devices! Create your own stickman animations on your Android or iOS device fanpop quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if wewe can answer this Naruto trivia question A glitch in Naruto GNT4 that allows sword users to cut through block! Discovered and exploited by me Photogallery Kisames Sword Unwrapped: Details info of the Kisames Sword Unwrapped. The number of images: Years of info publishing: 2020 Kawasaki Motorcycle Wallpaper Its A Girl Baby Shower Banner Happy Tree Friends Pop Anime Tangled Tower Coloring Pages Searches. Connection. Pictures

Remember Me? Home; Games. Arcane Legends; Dark Legends; Pocket Legends; Star Legends; Support; Forum Does Suigetsu Hozuki get kisames sword? Asked by Wiki User. 3 4 5. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2010-03-20 18:56:20 2010-03-20 18:56:20. No. Not yet, anyway. Suigetsu gets Zabuza's. Fanpop quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if آپ can answer this Naruto trivia question

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Fanpop quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if Ты can answer this Наруто trivia question Beat the game. You'll know when it happens. It's really quick if you focus on missions. It's a random b rank that ends the story. Then the shop updates with all 7 swordsman swords (I think) and Sasukes black sword. Its played like other ranged swords where it has a Kunai in the other hand That's right. I saw it in the shop also फैन्पॉप quiz: What is the name of Kisame's sword? - See if आप can answer this आकात्सुकि trivia question Kisame Hoshigaki (in Japanese: 干柿鬼鮫, Hoshigaki Kisame) is one of the recurring antagonists in the manga and anime TV show Naruto. He is a member of the Akatsuki, and partnered with Itachi Uchiha. He serves as a supporting antagonist in the Search for Tsunade arc, one of the two secondary antagonists in the Kazakage Rescue arc, and a supporting antagonist in the Five Kage Summit arc and. After the crazy aftermath between Kisame and Guy, the fight ends and a hint of Kisame's story is told. We get to see a mysterious man control the Fourth Mizukage, with the name of Madara Uchiha. We see a tragic death of Kisame when one of his Sharks kills him. While Naruto, Killer Bee, Guy

Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - The Naruto Trivia

  1. fanpop encuesta Results: what is kisame's sword name? - Read the results on this encuesta and other naruto shippuuden encuesta
  2. Shark Man Sword. Great suggestions Romaross, I will consider making a new Samehade with a higher quality in the futur.
  3. 潮流粉丝俱乐部 quiz: Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - See if 你 can answer this 火影忍者 trivia question

Wha's the name of Kisame's sword? - The Naruto Trivia quiz

  1. Honestly Zabauzas sword and Kisames should've been attack. level 2. 15 points · 1 year ago. Nah. I'm a defence class. And I think they way your character uses kisames sword is more defensive than anything. level 1. Uchiha Clan. 0 points · 1 year ago. Such an oversight!!! level 1. oFLUFFYCHICKEN
  2. 팬팝 투표 Results: what is kisame's sword name? - Read the results on this 투표 and other 나루토 질풍전 투
  3. Spite, Tatsumi's armor would most likely render kisames sword useless since it cant shave off his skin, nor can it 'eat his chakra' because he is a purely melee based character with immensely.
  4. lol thats not Kisames sword... thats the buster sword from final fantasy. Kisame's sword is a huge rock lmfao. TheKingModder commented over 10 years ago: [color=Blue]Cool Idea[color=Blue] hanif commented over 10 years ago
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  6. Kisame Hoshigaki (Big Sword Shark Skin) Akatsuki, Rogue Ninja, Jonin, Male EC:5, HC:1 When this ninja is sent out to attack and opposed, you can select and discard 1 of your opponents chakras. If this ninja is sent out to attack and not opposed, you can select and discard up to 2 of your opponents chakra at the end of the turn 6/2 3/

In Naruto anime, Kisame and 8 tails Killer Bee have the

Aye, aye nii-san! said Naruto letting go of Kisame and giving him a mock salute before he got into the jutsus position. Flashing through the required hand seals he opened his mouth to allow, much to Kisames surprise, two streams of water to leak out and move onto his arms before yelling out, Water Release: Killer Water Wheels What would happen if Samehada (Kisame's sword) absorb natural chakra? It would became a little more rounded and then become stone or what? If it kept on absorbing Sage Chakra, and did not transfer any Sage Chakra to its wielder, then yes, it would turn into a stone eventually. At what point it would turn into a stone is unknown, since Samehada. damn i recently suggested kisames sword on the discord one critique i have is the kunai, it looks weird compaired to others but overall im a big fan of the mod keep up the wor Kishi powercreeped to quickly where tools became meaningless unless it's some legendary artifact like Madaras fan or Kisames sword. He honestly could rely much more on this part though. >> Anonymous 10/26/20(Mon)16:14:48 No. 210720368. Anonymous 10/26/20(Mon)16:14:48 No. 210720368 His preferred weapon of choice was his huge amount of playing cards. These playing cards were made of chakra paper (The paper that allows you to see your elemental affinity.) and the same material one Hoshigaki Kisames sword is made of. Naruto would pour the Kyuubis chakra into a card, making it highly explosive

Samehada was still Kisame's sword up to his death Anime

  1. And the thought of kisame having sexual relations with anything is gross.maybe you could stick your fingers in his gills that might turn him on. Kisame because he got alot of chakra and hes a partner with itachi and itachi is way stronger than kisame because itachis techniques are far dedly that kisames kisame because kakuzu will run out of chakra
  2. From: deidara21 | #012 I would give it to kisame as if he fuses with samehada and performs that bubble jiraiya has no way of breathing. He would absorb his chakra by being near him whci infact prevent his summoning seeing as you need chakra to summon and a massive amount if its ma and pa
  3. what about kisames sword that eats chakra (which has spirit energy in it). if i do recall in order to do damage to any bleach character you have to have enough spirit energy, and considering kenpachi has a huge abundance of it, whenever kisame gets a hit,or their swords clash kenpachiis energy is going to drain, and kisames is going to increase
  4. Barringtons Swords do a Cloud Cutter wooden sword (and, incidentally, Sword of Oni and Kunai from Naruto) for £30. I saw them at a stand in London at a manga convention and the stuff was really good quality
  5. Ok, in Naruto, it's pretty clear no-one can beat Pain with all his bodies without help. But, what of just Deva? Unlike the other bodies, of which a good jonin could beat, Deva Path is S-class on his own
  6. This next week is the final week of fillins before the regular and real season starts back up. November 13, 2008 Categories: Uncategorized. .Author: shikamarunara.Comments: Leave a commen
  7. utes create this simple weapon. Once you've mastered the basics in this video, add your own twist to this fast, fun design

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I walked in to the living room of the akatsuki and sat on the couch I joined end a few days ago and so far got along with everyone but half of them were just trying to get in my pants. Wasn't that hard to tell especially when I could here them telling about it in the hall deidara and hidan were arguing about who I was gonna be with I sighed. Then I heard them counting there rivals even though. Itachi's grip loosened. I turned my head disbelieving but there was Izanami Kisames arms laying on the ground at her feet and the look of rage on Izanami's face was enough to make my blood run cold. Stepping forward Izanami picked up Kisames sword Samehada and pointed it unwavering at Itachi's throat

fanpop quiz: Kisame's hobby is? - See if te can answer this Naruto trivia question fanpop quiz: Kisame's hobby is? - See if bạn can answer this Naruto trivia question Kisame launched forward intending to cut the man in half with his sword but was stopped by the old man producing a sword out of nowhere. The sword was still in its sheath but still its design was very strange (imagine a medieval broadsword), neither Itachi nor Kisame remembered to have ever seen such a sword design in all of the Elemental Nations and they had seen almost all of them Please write your answers in a comment to this post. Q.1 Who is naruto's dad. Q.2 In what order do the 4 sound nin die. Q.3 How many people have makengyeko sharingan Naruto Shippuden Episode 251 Review Gai Pawns Kisame!,Kisames Last Attack. Christinacroft24. 4:22. Kisame Says Itachi Is Crying, Sasuke Killed Manda Orochimaru's Favorite Boss Summon of the Snakes Itachi Tells Kisame to show how heavy his sword is.LoL. Forat. 0:41. NTAS Ep.23 Short Clip - Itachi Tells Kisame to show how heavy his sword is.

r u well r u ? Take this quiz! what is kisames sword called what is tobys real name how many akatsuki are there wat is my favorite animal who is a former member of the akatsuki wat is sasori wat is under diedaras hair who is the akatsuki leader how many piercings does pien have what is itachis torturing device poptarts wat did u think o what is the name of kisames sword. Shrak fin Munchy munchy chomp chomp he doesn't have a sword Samehada samdaha 3. how old is sasori? 23 21.

What is the name of Kisame's sword? - The Akatsuki Trivia

However, just when Chens streamer was about to cut Kisames neck, Samehada, who was thrown to the ground by Kisame, suddenly moved towards Chen and rushed over, blocking him at the crucial moment. The streamer of Chen cut towards Kisame, and the sword-handle of the glue muscle also automatically hit Kisame's body Tanto Sword Styles Hira Tanto Sword. This style of blade is very common and is characterised by the lack of a shinogi, the edge bevels stretch all the way from the edge to the spine, which created an almost triangular cross section. It's a popular design choice due to its simplicity and function over style I knew you would say that! Chen coldly snorted, stretched out his hand to his waist, held the sword-handle of the streamer, and said snered: In this case, let me take it myself! the two weapons collided together and splashed a ball of spark, and the gel muscle in Kisames hand was absorbing Chens Chakra at a very fast speed after. Powerful a sword in hand That makes me one of seven I'm a menace and I'll kill for you Cuz I like the pain Arrange an assassination I'm making sure that your slain I never wanted to leave em alive But Itachi was holding me back Swinging a sword that'll bite When I slice and you'll never be given a chance Fight back but I know you can' All I wanna know is why killer bee isn't in possession of kisames sword that sword loves him #40. Oct 11, 2017 4:13 PM. KingOriax. Offline Joined: Apr 2013 Posts: 408 How does it keep getting worse, someone go over there and help them #41. Oct 11, 2017 4:35 PM. Jerkhov. Offline.

» samehada/kisames sword Wed May 08, 2013 1:33 pm by Indigo » Project - BRING NNA BACK TO LIFE Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:45 pm by Indigo » ??? whats going on Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:38 pm by Indigo » Next Update Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:32 pm by Indigo » Forum Is So Dead Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:42 pm by Indigo » Left Eye Byakugan Special Sat Jan 26, 2013 11. kisames sword: suigetsus brother: white fangs son: akatsuki spy: hyugas fighting style: most powerful uchiha: hakus kekkei genkai release: pervy sage: his summoning: yamanaka clans signature jutsu: kimimaros best friend: karins last name: honorable grandson: only taijutsu: the avenge If this was in game i would still somehow catch a sea bass - popular memes on the site ifunny.c One Piece 2: Pirate King is a browser RPG game based on One Piece Online. Along with luffy to explore a new Pirate treasure world. King of Pirates is coming

I can't pull out the sword! Who: Hayate Gekko Notes: Character attempts to attack Baki with Dance of the Crescent Moon, after hearing his plan to attack the Leaf village, but Baki kills him Kisame: Before becoming known as a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Kisame was a member of the secret intelligence squad of Kirigakure, guarding them as the subordinate of Fuguki Suikazan. Caught by Ibiki Morino's platoon during a mission, he chose to kill his team-mates in order to prevent any information from being leaked out Hoshigaki Kisames utseende påminner till stor del om en haj på grund av sin grå-blåa hy, sina vassa tänder och gälar. Namnet Kisame betyder haj. Av diskussioner att döma har han med all säkerhet tillgång till mest chakra av alla medlemmar i Akatsuki (lika mycket chakra som en besvansad demon)

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Also I don't really think Neji should scale to Kisames clone. Neji air palm was a suprise attack the equivalent of lee kicking kisama hand to knock the sword out of his hand Water clones had 10% chakra that the 30% kisama had Neither are impressive . LordTracer. 3,824 804 O @Heimdall tinha esquecido desse tópico só queria deixar algumas ressalvas. A Samehada achou gosto ruim para absorver um Katon merda do Itachi traidor, um Katon + Fuuton do Kakuzu iria fritar ela inteira. A única forma do Kisame lidar com Katon + Fuuton do Kakuzu É com Daikodan If you guys don't remember Kisame, he's the shark-looking guy with the big sword who's always hanging out with Itachi. For Kisame's birthday, we're having a steal-away,. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

How well do you know naruto? Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member Kisames was wide and tall in every sense of the word. He watched Sasukes team celebrate, Kisame put his sword back on his back. Suigetsu had been looking for a little friendly sparing, really getting to test out Zabuzas sword, though now it belonged to Suigetsu he supposed

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Akasuki Quiz(naruto quiz) there are many smart people but not as much as true geniuses keep trying and you would be a try genius also try reading the naruto and the shippuden manga and anime that could really help you pass this test its kinda like studing have fun taking this quiz and i hope you do well on it Prove that Kisame will be able to move faster than post-timeskip /w a more matured Sharingan can. And if Kakashi were to use a lightning clone and Kisame hit it, if he's on the water he'll be shocked and if he's not the sword, which is metal, which act as a lightning rod and fry him as well kisame asks, from across the room. its bigger and itachi only chuckles in response, he sleeps on top of me, anyways. kisame nods, and locks eyes with the boy. who quickly averts his gaze, as kisames appereance alone scared sasuke. he takes notice of this, and places his novel down on the bed. making a quick exited from the room bliipy you could make stone sword kunais and you can make diamond sword kisames sword. 1. 08/23/2012 10:55 am. Level 43: Master Blob. bliipyblob. Good plan but I dont like the kunai one. 1. 08/16/2012 4:01 pm. Level 1: New Explorer. LennyDiamonds. unbanned:D. 1. 08/16/2012 5:04 pm. Level 36: Artisan Fox

she grinned, somewhat evilly, and slowly rose one of her blades up and clenched her teeth around it, I could see her fangs clearly. she grabbed a kunai from the ninja-tool pouch connected to her upper leg and threw it at me, I dodged it without letting my swords fall. she grabbed the hilt of the sword in her mouth and released her teeth from it Registered Members: 79 Topics: 259 Total Posts: 3,974 There are currently 0 member(s) and 0 guest(s) online. 10 user(s) visited this forum in the past 24 hours The most users ever online at once was 1 member(s) and 0 guest(s) at 5:41am Oct 01, 200 Not to butt in, but Didn't Guy in base block a direct attack from Kisame after his team got trapped? And even when he took a direct hit to the chest that made him bleed, he just kept going? Him saying I need the gates after getting knocked down and trapped underwater with sharks by someone.. Giving a grin as Kisames body only began to evolve and transform fusing with Samehada only to transform the ninja into a pure shark like beast dominating underneath the water. Also doubling his speed underneath the water from before by a crazy amount making his speed unmatchable for any of his foes

So WE agree Mangetsu>kisame!and is the strongest swordsmen

Nerdtests.com: Online Tests. report this test] The naruto shippuuden Test. test your skills of memory on naruto episodes and event - Fixed EMS Sasukes (Inferno Style: Flame Control Sword) Ougi hitboxes - Lars has Some SFX Uses Kakashis JP Voice Actor You may not want to know to keep up the mystery x) He's always speaks JP, just like in Storm 2 - Sealing Jutsu (Drive Type) isn't guardable anymore Does Minimal Jutsu Damage Blocks out types after hitting Doesn't drain.

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Kisame Quiz quiz. Deidara talking to me hey you better not like him Me i dont hes a ugly fish uh oh Runs away from kisame Deidara kisame dont lay a finger on her Deidara runs after kisame kisames-facioplegia: Sometimes that's just how life is. Tagged: i made this joke months ago AND NOW YOU ALL GET TO HEAR IT, the wrong sword joke *giggles*, butsuma, tajima, butsutaji, . Hi hello i want hashirama to draw madara and tobirama being nice/friendly to each othe

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